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Careers at FiveStone

Creative Generalist

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We are seeking an individual motivated to deliver effective, world-changing outcomes for our partners. We foster innovation through experimentation and exploration. Whether rapid prototyping, testing discreet content marketing campaigns, nurturing social influence, or researching market trends, the creative generalist specializes in solving problems – agnostic to method, format, or media. This role requires a unique combination of strategy and execution, and constant experimentation in order to realize solutions for our partners.

While our clients and partners cover a wide range of domains, all are focused on driving positive outcomes for all stakeholders. Therefore, this role has a primary responsibility to consistently bring focus to human-centered solutions that materialize true value.


  • Craft compelling narratives and creative strategy for our clients and partners that truly support primary business objectives.
  • Produce, direct, write, and develop of variety of content to support client strategies.
  • Set up and implement multi-channel marketing tools for content creation, publishing, distribution, analytics, etc.
  • Perform detailed desktop research into our clients, their category, and competitors across multiple markets.
  • Work closely with the various specialists involved with the implementation and management of various client strategies, management, and execution.
  • Support the lead marketing strategist with research, analysis, and reporting in related areas, such as market research, target segmentation, and brand strategy.
  • Structure and present recommendations to clients.
  • Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.


  • Build upon existing knowledge-base, resources, frameworks, etc that are repeatedly used across of variety of projects.
  • Contribute to developing a culture of collaboration and cross-pollination with our core team, extended network, and partner agencies.
  • Develop effective (and repeatable) strategies for future use and experimentation.

Personal Qualities

  • Belief in the importance of market-based solutions to the world’s most critical challenges.
  • Strong commitment to an output and performance-based working style.
  • Strong desire to participate in and contribute to an evolving and entrepreneurial company.
  • Strong alignment with the goals, purpose and methods of FiveStone.

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