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Operation Mobilization Case Study

Telling Stories to Reposition the Modern Missionary

About Operation Mobilization

To many people in the church and the broader culture, the idea of a missionary is an antiquated notion conjuring up images of men and women living in jungles, making friends with cannibals, and only resurfacing long enough to ask for money from friends and family. However, the work of the modern missionary is far different.

Modern missionaries use their unique skills, qualifications, and education to live and work among the people of a region. They are architects, doctors, farmers, mechanics, and everything in between. Meanwhile, the modern missions organization serves, in part, as a relief organization, jumping in during natural disasters or aiding refugees as they enter new countries.

Operation Mobilization works in over 118 countries with more than 6,800 missionaries, yet their work remains largely unknown and misunderstood.

Starting Question

How do we change the popular perception of a missionary? How do we drive the next generation to consider mission work or to give to support mission work?

Our Work

Our engagement, which mapped to a larger organizational strategy and directional shift, focused on a rebranding effort, along with a brand awareness initiative.

01. Brand & Narrative

Our work focused on shifting the organizational narrative from a program to the individual. This means we shifted the focus of the brand away from the internal organization of work to the more relatable individual stories. Once this framework was established, we spent 10 months designing the new brand expression and redesigning the website. We spent an additional 12 months reimagining the recruiting process and the online donor experience. This work included developing new back-office processes and interfacing with an existing Donor Management System.

02. Brand Awareness Initiative

Once the brand was in place, FiveStone developed a 12-month strategy to drive a new audience to OM. We then managed, directed, and produced from that strategy. This work included offline activities such as events, as well as a major online initiative including video vignettes, an e-book, email sequences, and micro-campaigns.

03. Website & Digital Presence

Starting with an unresponsive website and little social presence, FiveStone looked to both redesign the site and expand OM's digital footprint. This effort began by rebuilding the site around a simplified information architecture that focused on the importance and breadth of OM's work. By integrating OM's own stories and images, we produced a clean website, a robust social presence, and a variety of digital media content to continue telling their story.


The work for OM led to a larger conversation within the organization. While our work was originally intended only for the U.S. operations of the organization, after it was unveiled, OM offices around the world noticed the effectiveness of the new brand and messaging. This prompted a call to unify the brand across the world, something never before considered in the 60-year history of the organization.


A 3-month campaign that raised over 60K in OM’s first attempt to raise money directly online.


Increased OM's social presence over 140% on Facebook, while initiating new presences on YouTube and Instagram.

Re-engineered Giving

A re-engineered giving experience that increased donor gifts, and gave donors new ways to give to OM and to manage their individual accounts.

Applicants & Volunteers

A streamlined volunteer system that increased applicants and volunteers (while other mission organizations were experiencing decreasing numbers during the same period).

Inbound Leads ↑

In the first month of lead generation, OM captured hundreds of leads through inbound content and lead sites.

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