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Tegu Case Study

Spreading Holiday Cheer

About Tegu

Wooden, magnetic blocks. Tegu Blocks are built to foster curiosity and the mystery of magnets offers an experience unlike that of traditional building blocks. From the very first “click-clack” sound of two blocks sticking together, something magical happens as kids’ imaginations expand.

Tegu was built off the idea that kids need more time to play and discover on their own. Under that philosophy, Tegu’s business model was designed to ignite the Honduran economy. While their social mission was strong, and their desire to help kids advance developmentally was praised, their holiday sales were flat.

Starting Question

Can we generate excitement around the Tegu brand and Tegu.com in order to increase holiday sales year-over-year?

Our Work

Starting four months prior to the holiday season, FiveStone focused on generating awareness via Tegu social channels and driving traffic to Tegu.com. This work included creating a real-time, custom dashboard for executive review of key analytics, iterating on the existing site for increased conversion, and streamlining the purchasing process.

Once the holiday season started, FiveStone concepted, created, produced, and directed an end-of-year sales campaign we called The Tegu Elf. The campaign focused on a mischievous elf who was running loose inside the Tegu factory. The Elf was hacking into orders and sending Tegu product to certain people who asked. And, keeping true to the social side of the Tegu business, the Elf also sent non-Tegu items to people in need. Throughout this campaign, FiveStone played the part of marketing manager, project manager, planner, social media specialist, strategist, and designer.


Sales Record

We set a record for most sales in one day at Tegu.com. We promptly broke that record three days later.

71% ↑

Produced a 71 percent increase in revenue during the same three-week period the year prior.

During the holiday campaign (Q4) we...

Reduced Spending

Reduced digital marketing spend year on year by 60 percent without any decrease in conversions

More Facebook Fans

Increased Facebook fans by 100 percent while increasing social reach and engagement multiple times over


Promoted the brand values of generosity and fun to hundreds of thousands of people on social channels

“Tegu you should be commended for going above and beyond what everyone expected! It is wonderful to see a company with a HUGE and generous HEART!! ♥”

Tegu Customer

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