Jeremy Lin

Gearing up a sports icon and philanthropist for multinational growth

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  1. Brand Architecture
  2. Positioning
  3. Visual Identity System
  4. Collateral Design

Linsanity! Everyone followed the story of the unknown NBA player coming off the bench and lighting up Madison Square Garden. Game after game, Jeremy Lin was unstoppable. Since that first game with the Knicks, Lin’s status has grown globally. FiveStone created a brand platform that translates across cultural contexts and settings, from North America to Asia and from shoe deals to community activism.

Photos of Jeremy Lin in the media

Stewarding fame and values

Jeremy Lin wholeheartedly and thoughtfully embraces the “role model” status that some athletes push aside.

Lin stewards his fame to start youth camps in China, create philanthropic opportunities in Asia, advocate for social justice issues, and champion AAPI causes in the California community where he grew up.

The Jeremy Lin team, known as JL7, partnered with FiveStone to architect and design a brand solution that unifies Lin’s personal positive values, JL7’s business goals, and complex multinational applications around a common theme.

jeremy lin with kids at basketball camp
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Insights and Approach
A platform to elevate Lin’s 
inspirational message

We spent time talking with JL7’s key partners. And, we met some hardcore #7 fans. We learned that Lin’s hard work, strength, and “never finished” attitude stands out to people. When you couple this with his inspirational message, a powerful combination emerges for the JL7 brand.

FiveStone built on that unique mix of attributes and values and designed a brand platform that included positioning, architecture, and an enhanced visual expression. This work now guides the JL7 team across their core activities and products throughout the world.

Jeremy Lin logos

Visual Identity
Strong core, flexible periphery

JL7 works across a diverse range of activities, partnerships, and contexts. As a result the existing brand became fragmented and it wasn't clear how to apply the brand with the addition of new partnerships.

FiveStone unified and organized the brand by building an architecture with a strong master brand at the core. The architecture extends the master brand to allow for flexibility across multiple partnerships and use cases. Visually, we anchored to the master brand and then extended the identity across the various brand touchpoints. Both the brand strategy and visual identity allow for JL7 to continue to grow with new partnerships and opportunities.

lin's journal webpage
jlin instagram posts
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A brand as big as the heart behind it
JL7 is active in philanthropies, influencer engagements, merchandising, and apparel around the world. The brand architecture allows for sub-brands to feature their unique qualities while maintaining a consistent visual language across all of the JL7 activities.

never done chinese writing

One of JL7’s key focus areas is the Jeremy Lin Foundation. FiveStone built the Foundation’s identity based on the master JL7 brand and then added some visual elements that make it unique and customizable.

JL7 swag
jeremy lin dunking basketball
"The FiveStone team was phenomenal to work with. They did a great job of capturing the essence of our brand in a way we never were able to get down before. But, what really makes them unique is that they got our DNA."
Patricia Sun

CEO of JL7 Marketing


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