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Rebranding a 200-year-old institution

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Leadership for the future looks like teaching people how to think critically and properly assess the current cultural moment inside a deeper historical context. Princeton Theological trains these types of leaders.

Leaders that serve the world

What does the leader of the future look like? Princeton Theological believes that the future leader is intellectually serious, an advocate for racial and gender justice, unafraid to tackle societal problems of scale, and is marked by civility, toleration, respect, and compassion. All of this in service of others.

Pointing to the future

FiveStone spent time talking to alumni, current students, faculty, and internal stakeholders. We realized that everyone wanted to know what it meant to have a degree from Princeton Theological. How does this experience shape their lives?

This desire for students to imagine their future drove the re-brand as we highlighted the school’s rich history and the role they would play in that history and in the world.

We translated this core idea across a robust visual system. We then audited their existing 400k page website and developed a new content plan and IA before designing and building the new site.

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Princeton Campus
"We have a bold vision for the future of the Seminary, and a critical step was to reimagine the brand and narrative of such a storied institution. Our faculty, students, and alumni are all thrilled with the outcome and we are excited to continue our partnership with FiveStone in the next steps of our strategy."
Dr. Shane Berg

Vice President for External Relations, Princeton Theological Seminary


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