Matchbook Learning

Developing an inspiring brand that gives hope to failing schools


  1. Brand Platform
  2. Brand Expression
  3. Website Design

Public education is failing our low-income communities. Matchbook believes that education reform should start in the weakest schools and build up. They work in America’s bottom 5% of schools and help turn them around.

Inspiring students to think beyond high school

No matter your zip code or family background, all kids have dreams. By reminding students about their dreams, teachers can connect what they are learning in school in a more meaningful way. We used this insight as the foundation of the brand.

We worked with Matchbook from their beginning providing strategy and brand guidance as they built out their model. As they entered their first schools, FiveStone brought the brand to life through an uplifting use of color, type, and imagery that featured Matchbook students.

The future is bright

Matchbook schools are moving out of the “failing” status and making significant math and reading gains.

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