Making things that matter

FiveStone is a strategy and branding agency that amplifies your organization’s positive impact.


Moving Your Organization Towards Doing Good

April 2023
Helping clients navigate towards positive impact is an imaginative and strategic expedition in which we apply a series of lenses that help bring clarity and direction.

To Love and to Imagine

February 2023

Intentionally shaping your imagination and why it matters

A Letter From Our Founder: What Moves You?

December 2022

We shape the world as the world shapes us.

Stories Aren't Enough: The Power of Narrative to Make Your Brand Come Alive

October 2022

Good brands use story. Great brands use narrative.

How Investment in Branding Contributes to Organizational Success

August 2022

You can measure a return on your brand investment; you just need to shift how you think about the investment.

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