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Education has come along way since the opening of the first public school in 1635. Even so, today’s students face a variety of challenges and a rapidly changing future. Through a collaborative approach and an open-source mentality, Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) addresses the most urgent challenges in public education.

Creating an Elastic Brand

NGLC focuses on specific challenges facing schools. But, when they messaged, they focused more on broad topics that reflected their internal categories and workstreams.

FiveStone shifted their brand from a "here's a bunch of stuff we know about" approach to a "here are the challenges we're solving with you."

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"FiveStone’s secret sauce is their deep capacity for listening to, and learning about, their clients. They hold a mad-scientist, future-learning orientation about branding and the digital landscape that always keeps us looking forward."
Andy Calkins

Director, NGLC


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