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  1. Core Beliefs
  2. Brand Strategy
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Most nonprofits who work in developing countries tend to emphasize the supporter’s power in changing the lives of those in need. Many Hopes flips that on its head. They believe in the latent potential of those who know the most about poverty and injustice: children who have survived it.

Moving beyond a single school in Kenya

For the past decade, Many Hopes worked primarily in Kenya, focusing their efforts on building a school for young girls living in extreme poverty. This singular project is what most of their supporters associate with their brand.

But, Many Hopes does much more than build schools. It was just hard for them to communicate the complexity of their strategy.

As the school project in Kenya finalized, Many Hopes planned to expand into other countries. This move forced them to communicate the fullness of their work with more clarity to attract new supporters.

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From poverty to power

Many Hopes fundamentally believes in an oppressed group’s uncontrollable motivation to fight back against the causes of their oppression.

FiveStone worked with Many Hopes to better clarify their core belief and articulate the fullness of their strategy. We then built a brand expression that centers around their child-centric ideology. This new brand platform shifted Many Hopes’ positioning and visual expression to revolve around the brand’s heroes, the kids.

“The brand is receiving grand reviews from our supporters. You did a majestic job for us and we're looking forward to sharing it with the world. But, more than that, to sharing it so that it motivates the world to do more good. Back slaps, head taps, and thank yous to the team.”
Thomas Keown

Founder, Many Hopes


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