From untold to eminence – a foundational awareness campaign

Situsamc Brand


  1. Awareness Campaign
  2. Collateral Design

FiveStone partnered with SitusAMC, the world's leading provider of real estate finance solutions, to develop and launch a national brand awareness campaign. The goal was to reintroduce SitusAMC — drive visibility, position them as a thought leader, and stay top of mind with the target audience.

Situsamc branding

Opportunity abounds

Backed by a new brand identity, emerging content marketing program, and nimble in-house team, SitusAMC was ready to elevate their position as the preferred partner in real estate finance.

The target audience was familiar with the name, but largely unaware of SitusAMC’s key benefit— the comprehensive support across the entire lifecycle of both commercial and residential real estate finance activity. Therefore, FiveStone created a campaign that not only reintroduced the organization’s identity, but helped the audience reimagine SitusAMC’s value.

user persona

Audience and Approach

FiveStone segmented SitusAMC’s audience, based on their primary business need, to create distinct messaging with hyper-specific targeting.

From these segments, FiveStone crafted detailed personas and journey maps to identify opportunities for the SitusAMC brand across the digital ecosystem. These opportunities built the foundation of the go-to-market plan, messaging framework, and media mix.

Situsamc Brand

Campaign Platform
Creative that pierces a noisy landscape

The campaign came to life as a creative platform— rooted in the brand identity and extending into new territories.

We connected to the voice of the audience and completed multiple rounds of pre-market testing to optimize the creative and ensure alignment with expectations and preferences.

Situsamc Brand
Situsamc Brand
Situsamc Brand
Situsamc Brand

Broad Application
Future-built for scale and flexibility

The final campaign reached across various channels and platforms, including static ads, video, social media, site direct, landing pages, and more. To achieve scale across this multi-channel approach, we created templates that allowed for scaleability and elasticity of the brand, while maintaining cohesion over time.

Situsamc Brand


The first 5 months of the awareness campaign resulted in:






Increase in Social Followers YoY



Increase in Web Traffic YoY



Increase in form conversions YoY

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